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"Why?" you think to yourself.The first time I made love with my three friends, I told Mom every last detail.It felt…full, quite nice.He was now running his hand across her ass.“Hi Nicole, oh I’m sure he can.I was made to enjoy him.I was regaining control of myself.I'm watching from my bedroom as he drives up in his family's SUV.Not Mr. Armstrong's.He stopped his pacing, looking down at his semi hard dick.I ask “Do you want any pix or vids from this one mate?”My little sister had whispered some something into Miss Daisy's mind.Even in divorce actions, this was rarely addressed.“I love you too!” Sasha replied and kissed her friend.Writer’s note: I hope you all have enjoyed reading my actual true story with my friend’s father, as much as my other previous stories.“Yes, yes, lick my asshole and my pussy!Maybe this man was as horny as he joked.And that her father--“This is for you.” he told her, and Kate opened it took out the book, and then the software package.“W