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I was so engrossed in her amazing blue eyes I barely noticed she was only wearing a robe, as she spoke she opened it, pushed me inside then let it drop to the floor as she pushed the door closed behind her.Anna opened the door signaling me to step out.Wow!I could feel her body start to give up some control as the drugs started making their way into her system, weakening her.Diane was at the restaurant with her ‘crew’ which included John.I licked the pearl of liquid forming at the tip and swallowed.Madison laughed.Teresa collapsed onto her sister’s chest as their scissoring ran its course to its inevitable end.I just knew my mom was reaching not only into Sam's sweatpants, but into her panties.She was Mommy's age, still looking cute as she wore her flowery hospital scrubs.My hands rubbed up her stomach and I cupped both of her tits in my hands.I’m not clean.- Oh yes?She spread her legs wide as she could and rubbed her pussy.“I meant no insult to you or him by that comment of m

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