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And as to your other observation, my attraction to Chin-sun has no impact on my actions.”She ignored him and yanked the ring pull back.“It is all very sad,” I observed.“What did he think was going to happen?Julie pleaded as her mind was clearing just a bit.Julie was wide awake and often smiled up at me. The seven year old didn't seem nervous at all in the dark with her friend's Daddy.He stroked my cheek.I told him as I got up and began meandering mindlessly around the office.I close my eyes, trying to catch my breath.Her clit throbbed with need.“Come on gramps get them off.I bared my breasts, exposing my large, pillowy mounds.What really bothered her was, in spite of her humiliation, her cunt was betraying her and starting to leak down her legs.Before the final race we 4 finalists were led over to the audience, lined up facing them and told to stand with our feet apart.You are safe here.Come and join”, as Santosh removed her nighty and pushed her on bed.“Wow that’s too

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