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I almost thought he was going to cry.My own pussy clenched, burning, on fire.I was expecting my wrists and ankles to be tied something like they were, but I wasn’t expecting Tony to tie my waist to the pillar as well; nor was I expecting him to fasten a ball gag in my mouth.“Becky didn't even know my name,” Mom had once told me like that was something to be proud of."Well, we're going, Doris," Jack said harshly.Right as the wave of orgasm is washing over me, I also feel King's knot slip a bit.Standing straight up I stepped behind her once again.I asked.It was a tight fit but we all got in and headed home.She had had a sexual appetite to match his own and for nearly two years they had begun to build a life together."Nice of her." the woman replied.I wanted to cry, but I was interrupted by the doorbell.As always, a wave of magical force flew through her, but this time she knew what to do.“Her real name is Ellen, but we call her Butterfly because of the movie, you know.”“Which

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